Good People. Good Beer. Good Life!

Trap Rock Brewing Company is a production microbrewery based in Saint Croix Falls, WI that uses mostly locally sourced ingredients to produce a variety of classic and cutting-edge beer styles. The recipe for a great tasting beer starts and ends with people. At Trap Rock, this philosophy is reflected in the way we treat our employees, patrons, and community. Trap Rock found its origins in the love of a craft. The product of that craft fosters an environment where people just flat out enjoy being together. Every member of Trap Rock's team is passionate about the beer that we make and the people we serve. When people think about Trap Rock's beers, we want them to think good people, good beer, and good life.

Our Company

Trap Rock Brewing Company, Inc. was founded in 2018 after more than two years of planning, development, and waiting for the right location. The company's production facilities and taproom is located within in an industrial park area of Saint Croix Falls. This location is very typical of many startup micro-breweries across the country. Industrial parks tend to accommodate the production nature of a brewery as well as the easier access to major highways and ample parking.

Following a strategy of "Start Small and Grow Smart", Trap Rock started brewing on a 1.5 barrel and a 3 barrel direct fired brewhouse. These systems included 42 and 110 gallon fermenters and brite tanks. In 2022 we upgraded to a 5 barrel (bbl) system that includes 190 gallon fermentors, brite tank, and an integrated brewhouse. Our current production is packaged into kegs for usage in our own taproom. As we continue to ramp up our production utilizing our 5 bbl system we will self-distribute to local establishments.

Our current ownership and management team includes Brian Helm, Dan Campbell and Jason Kleschult. Each of us has multiple years of homebrewing experience producing a variety of outstanding beers. We are blessed to also have Chelsey Foeller as our Taproom and Events Manager. Chelsey works to promote the brewery and taproom as well as market development for the distribution channels. With the company's dedication to its patrons and the recent growth of the craft beer industry, Trap Rock Brewing Company hopes to become one of the most reputable companies in the northwestern Wisconsin and the Twin Cities Metro area in the coming years.

Our Mission

To Be Passionate. To enjoy life, make an impact, and share a laugh. To see the world from a different angle. To push the boundaries of what a business should be. To dream, prosper, hope, and leave a lasting positive impact on the people and community around us. To ensure our passion is translated into the quality of the products we craft. Our Passion - is our people, our patrons, and our beer.

Our Business Notions

The business concepts for Trap Rock Brewing Company originated from the satisfaction found in watching a person's face light up when tasting a great beer. Craft beer is all about people. It breaks down barriers, casts inhibitions to the wind, fosters new relationships, and lubricates the gears of many friendships. It gives people a break from the real world, a chance to relax, and instills a certain .de bon aire'. It can transform a chuckle into a laugh, and a laugh into a guffaw. With all of the wonderment that craft beer provides enthusiasts and patrons, Trap Rock Brewing Company has the opportunity of being the catalyst to many of the things people enjoy most in life. Perhaps a pint of Trap Rock may even receive the distinction of being the toast to honor someone, or provide the spark to a celebration. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Who We Are

Our business isn't just beer. It's people. It's the relationships. It's being a part of something greater than one's self. It's about helping the neighbors in the community by giving something back. It's a powerful tool to leave a lasting positive impact on the world.